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Coach-Adjoint what is it?

The Coach-Adjoint solution is a tool that is revolutionizing the lives of football coaches. It is a real help in the management of planning and staff. Coach-Adjoint implements all the data for a season.

The data entered throughout the year on training and matches will allow the solution to establish statistics and bring out in-depth analyzes in order to improve the quality of the teams’ play. This data can be transformed into a printable file and therefore bring real added value to the coaching of the coach and everything that revolves around him.

Main features

A solution made by coaches for coaches! It has been designed to support you throughout your career in order to analyze all the data you will bring there.

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Simplified planning management

Do not waste anymore time ! A simple and clear view over the next 10 days with direct access to the management of your various events and data.

Individual or club management

Professionalize your club! Manage all your members, squads, staffs, players and keep data season after season to better analyze player development and thus monitor the club project as a whole.


Afraid of the unknown ? Make, undo and redo your sessions … an ordeal! Organize yourself with invitations and availability and be as close as possible to the reality of the number of people present. Make your life easier!

Design your workouts

Your time is precious, so no more wasting a second! Design your sessions from the software or the app in a few clicks and print or share your PDF session without further delay. By designing your exercises, you also enhance your exercise database for you or your club.

Entering statistics

Live or delayed, an entry from your application in offline mode and shared for up to 5 people at the same time. You have no staff! Take the time to be home to enter the information after the game.

Very advanced statistics

We took advantage of the observations and thoughts of coaches so that your statistics help you improve your coaching, give you ideas for your training sessions, your matches and argue your speech with your players individually or collectively.

Bilan d’observation joueur

Follow the development of a player thanks to a questionnaire carried out with professional and semi-pro structures so as not to waste time observing the player but rather to go to the essential during his years of training from the youngest to ‘to seniors.

Professional PDF files

Do not waste time with word, excel, … Your Coach-Adjoint takes care of everything! Enter as much data as possible and it takes care of the rest! Ideal to accompany your season, your interviews, your diploma files.

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User testimonials


“A software that has followed me for 7 years in CFA, National, Ligue 2 and Ligue 1. It fully integrates into our daily life.”

Franck Rizzetto

Ligue 1 - Stade Brestois 29

“An essential software. I offer it and recommend it to the various coaches I meet on and off the field.”

Himed Hamma

National 2 - AF Bobigny

“He has never left me since Nancy and now Guingamp. He is loyal to me and gives me real added value on a daily basis.”

Frédéric Biancalani

Division 1 Féminine - Guingamp

Your comments are essential

In order to always best meet your needs, you can send us your comments, suggestions or ideas.

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Experience sharing with Coach Live!

Experience sharing has never been approached this way! We discover how the coach has built himself and the steps he has taken! Both good and bad and the lessons he takes away! In passing, he makes us discover an exercise that he likes and the details to help coaches put it in place in their categories. All this in an atmosphere between professionals in the field and without filter! Passion, straightforwardness… We all come from the amateur world!

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